How I Will Make Better.

A Lot of Ideas. Not all Ideas are Great.

Be An (unpretentious) Artist.


Goal: Use a blog as a microscope-timemachine to record what works and what doesn’t for later regurgitation.


  • Musician-Martial Artist-Improv Actor-Activist-Poet-Inventor
  • Drawer-er
  • Sarcastic, shitty blogger

I am currently recovering from a massive physical/financial set back (had a portion of my calve ripped out while pedicabbing in Austin, TX). This blog will help track and hold me to the healing process. It is both for me and others in the present, as well as for reference when I want to help others.

What I am already doing: 

  • Releasing an album with Shark Party
  • Music-ing a minimum of 5x per week
  • Engaging in games via Improv
  • Contributing any extra time I have to charity/social causes
  • Stimulating my Mind in school and in friends
  • Writing a Blog


First next step: Starting today (tonight), I will drink at least half my body weight in ounces (100 oz) of water everyday. I should probably do this for at least one week before I add the next thing. How: Get a big bottle that I can hang out with for more than 24 hrs.